APCTP is happy to announce that the 1st APCTP Workshop on Multiferroics held at APCTP from Dec 11 to 16, 2008, was highly successful; approximately 100 researchers and students not only from the region but also from Europe, US, and Russia participated in the workshop. APCTP is also happy to announce that 2nd workshop is already in preparation, and Taiwan will host the 2nd one in January of 2010.
The workshop was intended particulary for young students or researchers in the region and thus included the school program where experts in the field reviewed the current situation and suggested the furture direction. Here the lecture files can be down-loaded by clicking the name below
K. -B. Lee
J. G. Park
J. -H. Park
Sight seeing Li (CHN)
Chu (THA)
Jeong (KOR)
Lin (THA)



Mou (THA)
Kim (KOR)
Ramana (IND)
Tang (THA)
Danjoh (JPN)
Banquet for invited guests
Dec. 11, 6:30 pm; Chinese restrant Phoenix at POSCO International Center
Sightseeing to the capital of the 1000 year danasty-Silla
Gyeongju, the capital of Silla, is only 30 min away from Pohang. Bus and guide are provided by the organizer. You only pay entrance fee of 10,000 Won.
1. School lectures
  100 minutes are allocated for each school lecture.
  D. Khomskii : "Microscopic mechanisms of multiferroic behavior: different ways to combine magnetism and ferroelectricity"
  C. D. Batista : "Electronic orbital currents and polarization in Mott insulators"
  C. Ederer : "First principles studies of multiferroic materials"
  H. Kawamura : "Chiral order in frustrated magnets"
  K. B. Lee : "Resonant x-ray scattering of multiferroics"
  J. G. Park : "Neutron scattering studies of multiferroic hexagonal manganites"
  T. Kimura : "Magnetic symmetry and magnetoelectric effect"
  T. Katsufuji : "Large magnetodielectric and magnetoelastic coupling in various transition-metal oxides"
  S. W. Cheong : "Multiferroic BiFeO3"
  J. -H. Park : "X-ray absorption spectroscopy and MCD of multiferroics"
  A. Pyatakov : "Symmetry and flexomagnetoelectric effects in multiferroics"
  I. Takeuchi : "Magnetoelectrics: multiferroic thin film devices operating at room temperature"
2. Conference talks
  Invited 50 min talks
  J. Li : "Multi-ferroelectricity, charge ordering and microstructure properties of LuFe2O4(LuFeO3)n (n=0 and 1)"
  Y. H. Chu : "Electrical field control surface coupling on multiferroic BiFeO3"
  J. W. Lin : "Coupling between the dielectric and magnetic orderings in ErMnO3"
  Y. H. Jeong : "Modifying conventional multiferroics"
  C. Y. Mou : "Magnetic transitions of multiferroics revealed by resonant soft x-ray scattering"
  K. H. Kim : "Quantitative determination of magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic crystals and nanostructured films"
  Contributed 20 min talks
  E. V. Ramana : "Studies on multiferroics: solid solution of Bi ferrite and sodium Bi titanate"
  Y. H. Tang : "Doping effect on the physical properties of Bi1-xRxFeO3(R=La and Dy, x=0~0.4)"
  S. Danjoh : "Hysteretic multiferroic properties in Eu1-xYxMnO3"
  I. Kim : "Tuning electric polarization in CoCr2O4 by Zn doping at A-site and Co at B-site"
  Y. Chai : "Large electric polarization in high pressure synthesized orthorhombic manganites RMnO3(R=Ho,Tm,Yb and Lu) by using the double-wave PE loop measurements"
  J. H. Song : "Multiferroicity in REMn2O5 thin films"
  B. G. Park : "Soft X-ray absorption spectroscopic investigation on electronic evolutions of SrFexMo1-xO3"
  H. J. Lee : "Corss-coupling between magnetism and conduction in Co-doped ZnO films"
  S. H. Kang : "Multiferroicity in a spinel"