The 24th MDRG Workshop

APCTP Topical Program on Molecular Dynamics Simulations in Nano/bio Systems

June 25 - 26, 2009

Jangtaesan, Daejeon, Korea

Organizers Committee
- Youngkyun Jung (KISTI) *Chair
- Hawoong Jeong(KAIST)
- Sang Rak Kim (Kyonggi Univ)
- Hyungtae Kook (Kyungwon Univ)
- Sang Bub Lee(Kyungpook Nat'l. Univ)
- Kyu Kwang Han(Paejae Univ)

Time Table
- download program (pdf; 47kb)
June 25, 2009 (Thu)
Chair: Sang-Bub Lee
11:50-12:00Opening Remarks
12:00-13:00Sang-Rak Kim (Kyonggi University)
Molecular dynamics of nanodroplets collision
13:00-14:00Je-Young Choi (Youngdong University)
Diffusion on Icosahedral Ar Clusters
14:00-15:00Hyung Tae Kook (Kyungwon University)
Brownian motor
15:00-15:30Coffee break and Photo
Chair: Hyung Tae Kook
15:30-16:30Kyu-Kwang Han (Pai Chai University)
Simulations of molecular motor?
16:30-17:30Meesoon Ha (KAIST)
Anomalous scaling behavior of polymer thin film growth by vapor deposition
17:30-18:30Eunhye Kim (University of Edinburgh)
Lattice Boltzmann simulations for colloidal complex fluids
18:30-19:00Coffee break and soft meals
Chair: Kyu-Kwang Han
19:00-20:00Min Sun Yeom (KISTI)
Dynamics of membrane
20:00-21:00Juin Kim (KAIST)
Diffusion / Reaction in Confined Polymer Chains with Hydrodynamic Effect
21:00-Dinner & Beer
June 26, 2009 (Fri)
Chair: Sang-Rak Kim
09:00-10:00Hawoon Jeong (KAIST)
Publication trends on polymer science
10:00-11:00Chanil Jeon (KAIST)
Rotational Motion of Flow in Spirally Patterned Geometry
11:00-12:00Youngkyun Jung (KISTI)
Self-avoiding polymer trapped inside a cylindrical pore: Flory free energy and unexpected dynamics
12:00-13:30Lunch and Closing

- Jangtaesan Recreational Forest (written in Korean)


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APCTP Topical Program on Molecular Dynamics Simulations in Nano/bio Systems, Daejeon, 25 - 26 June, 2009
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