APCTP Workshop on Current Progress of

Simulations in Complex Systems
Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, Pohang
November 15-17, 2010

Local Info

Scope of the Workshop:

The workshop focuses on the current progress of Monte Carlo and Molecular dynamics simulation techniques and their applications in complex systems, such as biological macromolecules and glasses. About 20 invited speakers will dedicate to the presentation and discussion of the current developments and ideas on such as global optimizations, enhanced sampling, analysis of meta-stable states and slow dynamics, as well as the applications in different complex systems. Some local students and postdocs will also present their works as posters.


  1. Current developments on advanced sampling techniques
  2. Multiscale molecular simulations in macromolecules
  3. Simulations of glasses
  4. Non-equilibrium simulations of phase transitions

List of Invited Speakers (*to be confirmed):

Stefan Boettcher (Emory Univ.)
Jeff Zhengyu Chen (Waterloo Univ.)
Davide Donadio (Max-Planck Inst. for Polymer)
Burkhard Duenweg (Max-Planck Inst. for Polymer)
Haiping Fang (Shanghai Inst. of Applied Phys.)
Meesoon Ha (KAIST, Korea)
Koji Hukushima (Univ. of Tokyo)
Nobuyasu Ito (Univ. of Tokyo)
Kimmo Kaski (Helsinki Univ. of Tech.)
Helmut Katzgraber (Texas A&M Univ.)
Beom Jun Kim (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
Kurt Kremer (Max-Planck Inst. for Polymer)
Erik Luijten (Northwestern Univ.)
Martin Meuser (Saarland Univ.)
Hyunggyu Park (Korea Inst. Adv. Study)
Pierre-Nicholas Roy (Waterloo Univ.)
Hajime Tanaka (Univ. of Tokyo)
Jiansheng Wang (Natl Univ. of Singapore)
Yanting Wang (Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS)
Bo Zheng (Zhejiang Univ.)
Fan Zhong (Zhongshan Univ.)
Haijun Zhou (Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS)
Xin Zhou (Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics)


Kurt Kremer (Max-Planck Institute for Polymer, Mainz, Germany)
David Landau (Univ. of Georgia, US)
Bo Zheng (Zhejiang University,China/APCTP,Korea)
Xin Zhou (local coordinator, APCTP, Korea)

Host Organizations:

The workshop is hosted by the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP, through the JRG program). The APCTP is an international research center supported by many countries around Asia-Pacific area and the current president is Prof. Peter Fulde from Germany.