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The Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), Center for Quantum Spactime (CQUeST), and KIAS announce the 1st Asian winter school which will take place at KIAS (1st week) and at Phoenix Park, A Ski Resort at Kangwondo, Korea (2nd week) from Jan. 8 (Mon), 2007 until Jan.19(Fri.), 2007. This is part of a pan-Asian collaborative effort of string theorists from China, India, Japan, and Korea to evolve a high quality international school along the lines of Les Houches in the Asian region.

The aim of this school is to provide graduate students and young postdocs with the essential knowledge to understand current research topics in theoretical high energy physics by the first hands in the relevant topic.

¢Ã Speakers and Topics (alphabetic order)
1st week (Jan. 8 - 13)
- Atish Dabholkar <>: Spectrum of Dyonic Black Holes [Lecture note 1]
- Hirosi Ooguri <>: Calabi-Yau Geometry and Topological String
- Sreerup Raychaudhuri <>: Particle Physics of LHC
- Ashoke Sen <>: Black Holes in String Theory and Their Entropy [Lecture note]
- Shigeki Sugimoto <>: String Theory and QCD
- Piljin Yi <>: String Theory Compactifications and Flux

2nd week (Jan 15 - 19)
- Atish Dabholkar <>: Spectrum of Dyonic Black Holes [Lecture note 2]
- Ken Intriligator <>: Super Yang-Mills Theory and SUSY breaking [Lecture note 3]
- Soo-Jong Rey <>: AdS/CFT and Applications to Loops, Defects and Plasma [Lecture note 1]
- Tarun Souradeep <>: Cosmology: towards `observing' the Early Universe [Lecture note 1] [Lecture note 2] [Lecture note 3]

Special lectures (1 hour)
- Kimyeong Lee : TBA
- Miao Li : Matrix Cosmology
- Spenta Wadia : Large N Gauge Theories and Black Holes


¢Ã advisory board
David Gross (KITP, USA)
Hirotaka Sugawara (The Graduate U. for Advanced Studies, Japan)
Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard U., USA),
Andrew Strominger (Harvard U., USA)

¢Ã Steering Committee
Bum-Hoon Lee, Chair (Sogang U., Korea):
Kimyeong Lee (KIAS, Korea):
Soonkeon Nam (Kyung Hee U. , Korea):
Yoshihisa Kitazawa (KEK, Japan):
Tamiaki Yoneya (U. of Tokyo, Japan):
Ashoke Sen (Harishi Chandra, India):
Spenta Wadia (Tata Institute, India):
Miao Li (ITP, China):
Jianxin Lu (U. of Sci. and Tech., China):

¢Ã Course Organizers
Bin Chen (Peking U., China):
Atish Dabholkar (Tata Institute, India):
Jun Nishimura (KEK, Japan):
Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang U., Korea):

¢Ã Local organizers
Soonkeon Nam (Kyunghee U., Chair) , Bum-Hoon Lee (Sogang U.)
Kimyeong Lee (KIAS), Chanju Kim (Ewha Womans U.)
Jaemo Park (Postech), Chaiho Rim (Chonbuk U.), Wontae Kim (Sogang U.)
Seungjoon Hyun (Yonsei U.), Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang U.)

  Time Table (tentative)
8 (Mon) 9 (Tue) 10 (Wed) 11 (Thu) 12 (Fri) 13 (Sat)
Chair K. Lee J. Park S. Hyun Wt. Kim Y. Myung S. Sin
9:00-10:30 Ooguri 1 Ooguri 2 Ooguri 3 Yi 4 Raychaudhuri 2 Raychaudhuri 4*
11:00-12:30 Sugimoto 1 Sugimoto 2 Sen 1 Sen 2 Sen 4 Dabholkar 1
Chair Wt. Kim Hj. Shin Sm. Lee Jh. Cho P. Oh * Special ceremony
at 10:30am
14:00-15:00 Yi 1 Yi 2 Yi 3 Sen 3 Sen 5
15:20-16:20 S. Kim/S. Nampuri
(20 min Short Talks)
Sugimoto 3 Sugimoto 4 Raychaudhuri 1 Raychaudhuri 3
20 min Short Talks H. Yee/
Y. Wang
S. Nakamura/
Wadia (1 hour) P. Zhang/
Y. Kim/
M. Hanada
18:00- Poster Session# Banquet
# Pizza will be served during the poster session.
¢º Bus bound for Phoenix Park will depart on Jan. 14 (Sun), 1:00pm.
15 (Mon) 16 (Tue) 17 (Wed) 18 (Thu) 19 (Fri)
Chair S. Nam Nw. Kim Hb. Kim Yb. Kim B. Lee
9:00-10:30 Intriligator 1 Souradeep 2 Souradeep 3 Rey 4 Lee
11:00-12:30 Souradeep 1 Rey 2 Rey 3 Intriligator 4 Intriligator 5
Chair Cy. Lee Cj. Kim
14:00-15:00 Rey 1 Intriligator 3
15:20-16:20 Dabholkar 2 Li
16:40-17:40 Intriligator 2 P. Yogendran/
Y. Seo
(20 min short talks)
18:00- S. Lahiri/K. Yoshida
(20 min short talks)
¢º Return bus will depart on Jan. 19 (Fri), 2:30pm [tentative]. It will take about two and half hours to Seoul.
- Submit registration
- List of participants
This school is intended for students, postdocs and possibly professors pursuing research in theoretical physics. Participation is decided by the organization committee. The deadline for the registration is the 15th of November. Since this is high season for skiing, to secure the accommodation in the ski resort, participants have to pay for the registration fee. The registration fee is
100,000 Won for a basic level of shared accommodation
200,000 Won for a upgraded level (shared basis)
500,000 Won for unshared accommodation
(1 US dollar is approximately 920-930 Won whose rate fluctuates.)
This fee is available by the 15th of November. After that, late registration fee applies so that you have to pay additional 100,000 Won. Late fee does not apply for foreign participants. In order to pay for the registration fee, you have to wire into the following account number.
- Name: APCTP
- Account No.: 494-061622-13-003
- Bank: Woori Bank (POSTECH Branch)
- Address : Woori Bank (POSTECH Branch), Student Union Bldg., POSTECH, San 31, Hyoja-dong, Nam-gu, Pohang, 790-784, Korea
At the moment we do not accept the credit card. But you can use the credit card for the registration after you arrive in Korea. In case you have the difficulty in wiring the registration fee, please consult with Prof. Chanju Kim whose e-mail is We will make the reservation of the accomodation only if we receive the registration fee.

We may allow the waiver of the registration fee for a limited number of foreign students and domestic students. In order to get the waiver, foreign students should specify the recommender's name and domestic students should specify their adviser's name upon the registration. Waiver will be decided on the basis of individual needs. Other requests and questions should be directed to Prof. Chanju Kim whose e-mail is

¢º Other Informations on Registration
  • Receipt: The participants who paid the registration fee in advance can pick up the receipt at KIAS on Jan. 8 (Mon).
  • Late registration fee can be paid at Phoenix Park. (KIAS don't accept the credit card.)
  • On-site registration at Phoenix Park will start on 3:00pm Jan. 14 (Sun) in front of the lecture room (Diamond Room) on the 2nd floor of the Phoenix Park Hotel.
  On the first week participants will be staying nearby Western Co-op Residence to KIAS where public transportations are available for commuting. Co-op will be assigned on shared basis and will be available only for foreign participants and participants coming from other than Seoul/Gyung-gi area.

On Jan. 14 (Sun), we move to Phoenix Park by bus (free for participants) and stay in Hotel/Condo at the ski resort.

After the school is finished on Jan. 19 (Fri), we will come back and stay one night in Seoul. Accommodations are provided for all participants.

  Other Informations
  • Breakfast: Sandwiches will be provided on 8:30am in front of the lecture room.
  • Lunch: Coupons will be distributed at the registration desk.
  • Dinner: We will have two banquets and one pizza party. (See time table.) All participants are welcome.

  • Cuisine of Korea in wikepedia. (Vegetarians may get some idea from this article.)
¢ºInternet Access
  • KIAS: Wireless LAN is set up inside and around the lecture hall so that you can use your own laptop computer. Several public computers are also available around the lecture hall.
  • Western Co-op: Each room has a freely accessible internet line to which you can connect your laptop. You can also rent a PC. Visit here for informations on other facilities in Western Co-op.
  • Phoenix Park: We are happy to inform you that we've managed to make a contract with an internet service provider so that you can connect your laptop to the wireless LAN for free. In addition a few laptops will be set up for public use.
With your name tag of the winter school, you can enjoy skiing at a discounted price in Phoenix Park. (If you have a family, ask secretaries in the registration desk to make name tags for them.) You can also purchase ski insurance for 3,000 Won.
  Travel Info
Other Info. Link
-How to get to POSTECH
-How to get to APCTP
-Phoenix Park

Air Travel
-Korean Airline
-Asian Airline
  • From the Airport
    Most of the foreign participants will get off at Incheon International Airport. There are several ways to get to Western Co-op Residence or KIAS from the airport. The most convenient way is to take a taxi but it is rather expensive (about 50,000 Korea Won). Taking a bus is one of the way to save your time and money (7,500-8,000 Won). You can also take a bus to Gimpo Airport (4,500 Won) and then take the subway (single ticket price: 1,100 Won).

    Some Japanese participants will get off at Gimpo Airport. Taxi costs about 25,000 Won. The subway system is also available for cheap 1,100 Won (single ticket).

    If you want to take a taxi, please print Direction to Western Co-op Residence or Direction to KIAS and show it to the taxi driver.

    For detailed informations, visit the link How to get to Western Co-op Residence or How to get to KIAS.

  • From Western Co-op Residence to KIAS

  • General information on transportations in the Seoul metropolitan government site. It contains various useful maps.

  • Wikepedia articles have nice summaries on Seoul bus and subway including the fare system of public transportations and traffic cards for discount fares.

  • Seoul ¡ê Phoenix Park
    • Seoul ¡æ Phoenix Park: Jan. 14 (Sun), 1:00pm
      Three buses bound for Phoenix park are reserved for participants. Two of them will depart at Western Co-op Residence (for ordinary participants) and one, at KIAS (for lecturers and professors). It will take about two and half hours to Phoenix Park.

    • Phoenix Park ¡æ Seoul: Jan. 19 (Fri), 2:30pm (tentative)
      Buses will leave in front of the Phoenix Park hotel.

    • If you want to move alone by yourself read How to get to Phoenix Park.
¢ºDining near KIAS

During winter, the average temperature of Seoul is about 4 dec Celcius(46.8F).

¢ºCurrency and Credit Card
The unit of Korean currency is Won. Major foreign currencies, traveller's checks, and major credit cards are accepted at most hotels, banks and the airport. Current exchange rate is approximately 920-930 Won per US $1.

¢ºPassport and Visa
Visitors with a passport and return ticket can stay in Korea for up to 15 days without a visa (with the exception of a few countries). It is advised to consult the nearest Korean Consulate for details. If you need general information and assistance from the Center, please contact the secretary:

¢ºInformation on Seoul and Korea

Fax: +82-2-561-7140
Tel: +82-2-561-7641,7642

¢ºURL address:

¢ºFor more information, please write to <>