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Tips for Visitors


APCTP staff are available during normal business hours so you can ask for help if needed.

     Location: Hogil Kim Memorial Building #519 at POSTECH

     Business hours: 9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m. on weekdays
(Lunch break: 12 p.m. ~ 1 p.m.)

VISITOR OFFICES                                    

Visitor offices are provided to APCTP’s official visitor. In the office, there is a telephone and a printable computer.

     Location: the 5th floor of the Hogil Kim Memorial Building at POSTECH

     How to make local calls & long distance phone calls at the APCTP Telephone
In your office, you can make domestic calls only. If you urgently want to make an international phone call, please ask for assistance in the administration office.

-       Local calls: 9 + telephone number
It is not necessary to dial the area code (054) for calls within Pohang and Gyeongju.

-       Long distance phone calls: 9 + area code + telephone number

     Printer connected to the desktop in the visitor offices: it is on the hallway of the seminar rooms.



Wireless network access is available in all areas of the APCTP. If needed, please ask APCTP staff for assistance.


Available Printer is on the APCTP common room and it is connected to the desktop in front of the administration office.

Fax machine is only available in the administrative office. If needed, please ask APCTP staff for assistance. 


The APCTP Headquarters has its own library with books that can be loaned for a short period. Lost or damaged books should be reported promptly to APCTP staff.


Coffee and tea are available at APCTP common room.

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