2012 Miniworkshop on Emergent Materials Research
2012년 12월 7일
이화여자대학교 학관 305호

■ Program
    Time Speaker Title
    13:00-13:30   Registration
    13:30-13:55 임준원 Self-similar occurrence of massless Dirac particles in graphene under magnetic field
    13:55-14:20 우성종 Ideal strength of doped graphene
    14:20-14:45 김세중 Scattering theory approach to inelastic transport in nanoscale systems
    14:45-15:00   Break
    15:00-15:25 김형준 High electrical mobility and related physical properties of transparent (Ba,La)SnO3
    15:25-15:50 이훈표 First-principle calculations in combination with many-body approaches: SrVO3 and K-doped picene
    15:50-16:15 천세환 Terahertz magnetodichroism at electromagnon resonance in Co2Z-type hexaferrite
    16:15-16:30   Break
    16:30-16:55 고경춘 Three band model for quantum Hall and spin Hall effects
    16:55-17:20 이우람 Coherence resurrection of Landau-Fermi liquid in electric field driven Mott insulator
    17:20-17:45 전건상 Spontaneous breaking of time-reversal symmetry and topological insulator
    18:00-   Banquet