Application of Econophysics and Social Physics: Social Modeling and Complex System
December 11 (Thu), 2014 ~ December 12 (Fri), 2014
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    Eldis Regent Hotel, Daegu
    December 11 (Thu), 2014 ~ December 12 (Fri), 2014
    Society for Physics in Economic and Social System (PESS) was established in January, 2011. The PESS plans two meetings in the year of 2014, while it had annually four meetings from 2011 to 2013. Each meeting of the next year will consist of several sessions such as Seminar (Mini-workshop) and Tutorial (School). 1. Tutorial, school session, will give lecture series on the long-needed training for econophysics and social physics tools such as multifractal and agent-based model. 2. Seminar, mini-workshop session, introduces the current research activities in econophysics and social physics field.
    Woo-Sung Jung (POSTECH) (
    Invited Speakers
    Okyu Kwon(NIMS)(okyu.kwon@gmail.omc)Seungbyung Chae(SERI)( Jun Kim(SKKU)( Oh(Chosun Univ.)(