Physics at J-PARC and nonperturbative QCD phenomena
December 11 (Fri), 2015 ~ December 12 (Sat), 2015
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    APCTP headquarter, Pohang

    December 11 (Fri), 2015 ~ December 12 (Sat), 2015

    Along with the progress for the experimental and theoretical researches on the J-PARC physics, in this meeting, we plan to discuss various related topics, in addition to         nonperturbative QCD phenomena. Inviting experts for those fields, we would to like to make a place for stimulating discussions.

    J-PARC physics with heavy flavors
    Nonperturbative QCD
    QCD at extreme conditions

    Invited Speakers
    Ando, Shung-ichi (Sunmoon)
    Ahn, Jung-Keun (Korea)
    Choi, Seonho (SNU)
    Hwang, Sang-Hoon (KRISS) 
    Kim, Hyun-Chul (Inha)
    Kim, Sang-Ho (APCTP)
    Nam, Seung-il (PKNU)
    Son, Hyung-Dong (Inha)

    Ahn, Jung-Keun (Korea, Korea)
    Cheoun, Myung-Ki (Soongsil, Korea)
    Hiyama, Emiko (RIKEN, Japan)
    Hong, Byungsik (Korea, Korea)
    Jido, Daisuke (TMU, Japan)
    Kim, Hyun-Chul (Inha, Korea)
    Kim, Seyong (Sejong, Korea)
    Kim, Youngman (RISP/IBS, Korea)
    Kwak, Kyujin (UNIST)
    Meng, Jie (Peking, China)
    Nam, Seung-il (Pukyong Univ., Korea)
    Zou, Bing-Song (ITP, China)

    Seung-il Nam (