6th IACS-APCTP Joint Conference on Novel Oxide Materials and Low Dimensional Systems
December 17 (Wed), 2014 ~ December 20 (Sat), 2014
■ Program


    Tentative schedule: the workshop starts at 9:00am, (Thu.) 18  Dec. and ends by noon, (Sat) 20 Dec. 2014.

    Venue : CTP, 2F Sangsan Mathematical Building, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

                      Sangsan Mathematical Building, Seoul National University.png

    Banquet : 세미한정식,02-871-1009, http://ssemy.co.kr/04.html

    Wednesday, 17 Dec. 2014
    18:30-20:00   Reception (Pine Room, SNU Hoam Faculty House)
    Thursday, 18 Dec. 2014
    08:30-09:00   Registration
    09:00-09:10   Opening
    Session A1 Chair : Jaejun Yu(SNU)
    09:10-09:50   Kookrin Char (SNU)
    “What are so unique about perovskite stannates?”
    09:50-10:30   Tamio Oguchi (Osaka U.)
    “Magnetoelectricity in CaFeO2 and MgFeO2: Ab-initio prediction”
    10:30-10:50   Coffee Break
    Session A2 Chair : Tanusri Saha-Dasgupta(S.N. Bose Centre)
    10:50-11:30   Subham Majumdar (IACS)
    “Multiferroic behaviour with large ferroelectric polarization in Cu2V2O7”
    11:30-12:10   Kee Hoon Kim (SNU)
    “Magnetic field induced classical and quantum critical points in multiferroics
    12:10-13:30   Lunch Break
    Session B1 Chair : Je-Geun Park(SNU)
    13:30-14:10   Chan-Ho Yang (KAIST)
    “Electronic conduction in BiFeO3 and related compounds”
    14:10-14:50   Takhee Lee (SNU)
    “Molecular-and polymer-based electronic devices”
    14:50-15:30   Cheol-Hwan Park (SNU)
    Session B2 Chair : Hoseb Jin(Ibs-CCES)
    15:30-15:50   Coffee Break
    15:50-16:30   Shobhana Narasimhan (JNCASR)
    “Tuning weak binding of gases on edge-functionalized graphene nanoribbons: Insights from first-principles calculations”
    16:30-17:10   Hongki Min (SNU)
    “Exchange-correlations and plasmon-phonon coupling in multilayer graphene”
    18:00-20:00   Banquet
    Friday, 19 Dec. 2014
    Session C1 Chair : Vikram Tripathi (TIFR)
    09:00-09:40   Changyoung Kim (Yonsei U.)
    “Electronic structure studies of an iron-based superconductor Sr2VO3FeAs : Bonding angle dependence and dichotomous pseudo-gap
    09:40-10:20   Myung Joon Han (KAIST)
    “First-principles study of large spin-orbit coupling transition-metal compounds: electronic structure and new possibility”
    10:20-10:40   Coffee Break
    Session C2 Chair : Cheol-Hwan Park(SNU)
    10:40-11:20   Krishnendu Sengupta (IACS)
    “Junctions of topological insulators”
    11:20-12:00   Hosub Jin (CCES-SNU)
    “Spin-orbital entangled molecular states in 4d and 5d lacunar spinel compounds”
    12:00-13:30   Lunch Break
    Session D1 Chair : Changyoung Kim(Yonsei U.)
    13:30-14:10   Tanusri Saha-Dasgupta (S.N. Bose Centre)
    “Controlling magnetism in and on carbon materials: A tale of two stories”
    14:10-14:50   Kwon Park (KIAS)
    Enigmatic 5/2 State: Bilayer Mapping and Possibility of Anisotropic Pairing
    14:50-15:30   Jun Sung Kim (POSTECH)
    “Coexistence of high-Tc superconductivity and weak ferromagnetism in Sr2VO3FeAs”
    15:30-15:50   Coffee Break
    Session D2 Chair : Kee Hoon Kim(SNU)
    15:50-16:30   Jhinhwan Lee (KAIST)
    “Magnetoelectric coupling in supercoducting Sr2VO3FeAs revealed by scanning tunneling microscopy”
    16:30-17:10   Vikram Tripathi (TIFR)
    “Marginal quantum criticality at the Lifshitz transition in electron-doped iron arsenides”
    18:00-20:00   Speakers Dinner (Lilac Room, SNU Hoam Faculty House)
    Saturday, 20 Dec. 2014
    Session E1 Chair : Jun Sung Kim(POSTECH)
    09:00-09:40   B. I. Min (POSTECH)
    “Topological properties in f-electron Kondo systems”
    09:40-10:20   Indra Dasgupta (IACS)
    “Electronic structure and magnetism in Ir-based oxides”
    10:20-10:40   Coffee Break
    Session E2 Chair : Indra Dasgupta(IACS)
    10:40-11:20   Je-Geun Park (SNU)
    Size Dependence of Verwey Transition in Stoichiometric Fe3O4 Nanocrystals
    11:20-12:00   Atsushi Fujimori (U. of Tokyo)
    “Suppressed antiferromagnetic correlation and extended superconducting phase in electron-doped cuprates”
    12:10-   Closing