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    Online with POSCO International Center(PIC), Pohang, Korea
    Offline for invited speakers only 
    Owing to COVID19, the talks will be given in Korean for this year.
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    November 10 (Tue), 2020 ~ November 11 (Wed), 2020


    This workshop is going to focus on interesting science and engineering research using scanning probe microscopy. The conference topics includes semiconductors and metals, magnetic systems, 2D materials and devices, superconductors and topological materials, biological systems, surface reactions, novel instrumentations, and theory and simulations.

      Jeehoon Kim (POSTECH)
      Tae-Hwan Kim (POSTECH) 
      Daesu Lee (POSTECH)
      Jewook Park (IBS)
      Changbae Hyun (POSTECH)
      Jae Hyuk Choi (KRISS)
      Daejin Eom (KRISS)
      Sang Mo Yang (Sogang Univ.)
      Donghun Lee (Korea Univ.)
      Soo Hyun Phark (IBS)  
      Jungdae Kim (Ulsan University) 
     Doohee Cho (Yonsei)
    Tutorial Speakers 
    Tae-Hwan Kim (POSTECH) 
     Donghun Lee (Korea Univ.)

    Confirmed Invited Speakers 
     Chan-Ho Yang (KAIST) 
     Jeong Young Park (KAIST) 
     Kyoung-Duck Park (UNIST)
    Hyo Won Kim (Samsung)
    Yunseok Kim (SKKU)
    Jungpil Seo (DGIST)
    Taeyoung Choi (Ewha Univ.)
    Jong Hun Kim (SNU)
    Dong-Wook Kim (Ewha Univ.)

               Jeehoon Kim (POSTECH, Pohang, jeehoon@postech.ac.kr)
    Hyoeun Lee (APCTP, Pohang, hyoeun.lee@apctp.org)