2015 International School on Numerical Relativity and Gravitational Waves
July 26 (Sun), 2015 ~ July 31 (Fri), 2015 at KISTI & KAIST, Daejeon in Korea
■ Travel Information
    Travel information in a pdf file: Travel_Information.pdf
    * How to get to Graytone Hotel from Inceon Airport
    1. By limousine bus
    At the Incheon Int'l Airport:
    - Go to the Limousine Bus Ticket Office on the 1st floor.
    - Purchase a ticket bound for Daejeon city (23,100KRWs ~25USDs)
    - Go to the station number 9D outside the building, and take the limousine bus.
    - It takes about 3 hours.
    - Get off at the Government Complex Limousine Bus Station.
    - Runing interval is 20~40 minutes.
    At the limousine but stop ("Daejeon Government Complex Stop"):
    - 1.1km by walk to the Graytone Hotel.
    - Taxi should cost less than 3000KRWs.
    - See the directions on the mapp below.
    2. By KTX train
    Direct KTX train from Incheon Airport to Daejeon:
    - I find a fair number of runs a day (e.g., 8 runs on July 25).
    - Be careful about the name of the destination, "Daejeon", not "Daecheon".
    - Train type is "KTX".
    - The fare is 36100KRWs.
    - It takes about 2 hours in total.
    Incheon Airport ==> Seoul Railway Station ==> Daejeon railway station:
    - What's good is that you have much more frequent runs.
    - There is a subway connection between Incheon airporrt and Seoul station.
    - You book a KTX ticket from "Seoul" to "Daejeon" on the same webpage given above.
    - The fare is 23700KRWs.
    - It takes about 1 hour.
    From Daejeon railway station to Graytone Hotel:
    - The best is using subway at the station.
    - Get off at the City Hall station.
    - Go to the exit # 5.
    - Keep going and will meet the hotel in 600m.
    * How to get to KAIST
    From Innipolis Guest House:
    - The bus #121 runs to the main gate of KAIST.
    From Graytone Hotel:
    - There will be a shuttle service departing st 8:30 AM from the hotel.
    - It comes back to the hotel at 5:30 PM from the school venue.
    - In case you miss this shuttle service, use a bus #104.
    - It directly goes to the main gate of KAIST, and takes about 40 minutes.
    - The bus stop is near the City Hall subway station in the direction of Exit #3.
    * How to get to the school's venue (Lecture room 101 in E11 Bldg)
    - Keep going toward the bridge or lake from the main gate of KAIST.
    - You'll see the central library (E9) on your right.
    - The school venue is on the left side of the library.
    * Webpage Link


    * Some useful Korean expressions with English translations