APCTP workshop on theoretical physics
December 16 (Mon), 2013
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    APCTP Headquarters, 512 seminar room
    December 16 (Mon), 2013
    Theoretical physics is the basis to understand the physical phenomena in nature with mathematical rigor. The subject has become diverse, including the condensed matter, particle physics, cosmology, biophysics, financial physics and etc. In this workshop we summarize the recent topics of the different fields of theoretical physics and communicate each other to understand the law of nature in a common sense.
    Gentaro Watanabe (APCTP)
    YongSeok Jho (APCTP)
    Ki Young Choi (APCTP)
    Pan-Jun Kim (APCTP)
    Junghyo Jo (APCTP)
    Arman Shafieloo (APCTP)
    Jinn-Ouk Gong (APCTP)
    Invited Speakers
    Youngman Kim (IBS)
    Jaeyun Sung (APCTP)
    Danh-Tai Hoang (APCTP)
    YongSeok Jho (APCTP)
    Dheeraj Shingh (APCTP)
    Mew-Bing Wan (APCTP)
    Prasanna Balasubramanian (APCTP)
    Arman Shafieloo (APCTP)
    Jinn-Ouk Gong (APCTP)
    Junghyo Jo (jojunghyo@apctp.org)