Hadron productions: Theory and Experiment
November 25 (Fri), 2016 ~ November 26 (Sat), 2016
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    APCTP headquarter (Pohang)

    November 25 (Fri), 2016 ~ November 26 (Sat), 2016

    In this meeting, we focus on the various hadron-production reactions via photon beams,
    which have been explored intensively for decades. To make a new path for the future
    progress, we prepare a place to discuss various topics in an open atmosphere with free
    andstimulating discussions. The main subjects will be the production mechanisms, model
    independent approach, interference effects in Dalitz processes, anomalous effects in photo
    productions, etc.

    Photon- and meson-beam induced hadron productions
    Hyperon- and nucleon-resonance searches
    Deeply virtual Compton scattering
    Transverse-momentum distribution for nucleon
    Generalized parton distribution for nucleon
    Other structure function for hadrons

    Ahn, Jung-Keun (Korea, Korea)
    Cheoun, Myung-Ki (Soongsil, Korea)
    Hiyama, Emiko (RIKEN, Japan)
    Jido, Daisuke (TMU, Japan)
    Kwak, Kyujin (UNIST, Korea)
    Kim, Hyun-Chul (Inha, Korea)
    Kim, Sangho (APCTP, Korea)
    Kim, Youngman (RISP/IBS, Korea)
    Meng, Jie (Peking, China)
    Nam, Seung-il (PKNU, Korea)
    Zou, Bing-Song (ITP, China)

    Invited Speakers
    S. Ando (Sunmoon)
    J. K. Ahn (Korea)
    H. Kamano (KEK)
    H. -Ch. Kim (Inha)
    S. H. Kim (APCTP)
    W. Y. Kim (KNU)
    H. Kohri (RCNP)
    S. i. Nam (PKNU)
    K. J. Park (JLAB)
    H. Y. Ryu (PNU)
    T. Sekihara (JAEA)

    Seung-il Nam (PKNU. sinam@pknu.ac.kr)