APCTP TRP Mini Workshop
"Holography and strongly correlated system"
November 07 (Thu) ~ November 08 (Fri), 2013
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    Hanyang Univ., Seoul, Korea
    We want to communicate between different theoretical community members on the same topic of strongly correlated system and strongly interacting system. Ideas including the gauge/gravity duality should be utilized for long standing unsolved physical problem like high Tc superconductors. We will also address the question how to apply the duality idea to the topological insulators and superconductors.
    Invited Speakers
      Jun Hyung Cho (Hangyang Univ.)
      Akira Furusaki (RIKEN)
      Gyungchoon Go (Sungkyunkwan Uvni.)
      Keun Young Kim (GIST)
      Nakwoo Kim (Kyunghee Univ.)
      Soonjae Moon (Hanyang Univ.)
      Kwon Park (KIAS)
      Masatoshi Sato (RIKEN)
    Prof. Sangjin Sin (Hangyang Univ.) : sin@hanyang.ac.kr