New perspectives on gravitation & cosmology
December 01 (Fri), 2017 ~ December 02 (Sat), 2017
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    Talk Titles

    • "Using the Topology of Large Scale Structure as a Cosmological Probe" - Stephen Appleby

    • "Emergence of non-classical space and time in (loop) quantum gravity" - Suddhasattwa Brahma

    • "Features in the primordial spectra" - Jinn-Ouk Gong

    • "Conflict between inside and outside: A self-gravitating radiation" - Hyeong-Chan Kim

    • "Gravitational Wave Data Analysis in LIGO and Machine Learning Applications" - Young-Min Kim

    • "Messages from binary stars:GW150914/GW170817" - Hyun Kyu Lee

    • "Satellites of Isolated Early-type Galaxies and the Missing Satellite Galaxy Problem" - Changbom Park

    • "Emergent spacetime from Kitaev superconductor model" - Miok Park

    • "Magnetic fields in the large-scale structure of the the universe" - Dongsu Ryu

    • "Cosmology from spectroscopy red-shift survey" - Yong-Seon Song

    • "The H0 tension problem" - Maurice van Putten