14th KIAS-APCTP Winter School on Statistical Physics
January 09 (Mon), 2017 ~ January 13 (Fri), 2017
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       B-2 Seminar Room (1F), Mountain Condo, High1 Resort

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       Korean (한국어)

    Statistical mechanics provides a powerful tool for understanding macroscopic systems on the basis of microscopic laws governing the dynamics of their constituents. Its ever-increasing use is not limited to physical sciences but extends to biological and social sciences, which makes SM an indispensable discipline regardless of specialty. This annual event is intended to provide graduate students and early-career scientists in physics and related disciplines with the conceptual framework and analytical tools for advanced studies in physics and interdisciplinary research.

    The 14th School focuses on the stochastic processes in pure and applied physics. Three invited lecturers will give a series of lectures (3 x 5 hrs) under the following titles: 
    [1] An essential primer of stochastic process
    [2] Stochastic processes on complex networks
    [3] Stochastic processes in biophysics

      Cheol-Min Ghim (김철민, UNIST, cmghim@unist.ac.kr)
      Hyunggyu Park (박형규, KIAS, hgpark@kias.re.kr)
      Jae-Dong Noh (노재동, Univ of Seoul, jdnoh@seoul.ac.kr)
      Soon-Hyung Yook (육순형, Kyunghee Univ, syook@khu.ac.kr)

    Su-Chan Park (박수찬, Catholic University of Korea, spark0@catholic.ac.kr)
    Deok-Sun Lee (이덕선, Inha University, deoksun.lee@inha.ac.kr)
    Changbong Hyeon (현창봉, KIAS, hyeoncb@kias.re.kr)

       Ms. Deure Park (박드레, KIAS, pdr3385@kias.re.kr +82-2-958-2560) 
      Ms. Ok-seon Kim (김옥선, APCTP, sec@apctp.org

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