Mini-school on Quantum Information Theory of Gaussian States

28 ~ 30 November 2018, Pohang, Korea

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    Bosonic and fermionic Gaussian states are an important class of quantum states, which are amenable to full analytical treatments and thus provide a wonderful platform to study and demonstrate ideas in quantum information theory. This mini-school is aimed at giving in-depth introductory lectures on narrow subjects of bosonic/fermionic Gaussian states, so that the audience can gain enough knowledge to follow/understand contemporary researches based on Gaussian states and apply the learning to their own research without difficulty.

    There will be two series of lectures:

    • On Bosonic Gaussian States: Hyunchul Nha (4 lectures) & Jaehak Lee (1 lecture)

    • On Fermionic Gaussian states: Jaeyoon Cho (4 lectures)


    Room 512 (5th floor), Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), Pohang, Korea

    Invited Lectures
    • Hyunchul Nha (Texas A&M at Qatar)

    • Jaehak Lee (KIAS)

    • Jaeyoon Cho (APCTP)

    • Jaeyoon Cho (APCTP) (