String theory, gravity and cosmology (SGC2020)
November 18 (Wed), 2020 ~ November 20 (Fri), 2020
■ Program

    Nov. 18


    Nov. 19

    Nov. 20

    09:00 ~ 09:10

    Opening Remarks

    09:00 ~ 10:00

    Rong-Gen Cai

    Donghui Jeong

    09:10 ~ 10:10

    Gary Shiu

    10:00 ~ 10:20

    coffee break(20)

    coffee break(20)

    10:10 ~ 10:40

    coffee break(30)

    10:20 ~ 10:50

    Young-Hwan Hyun

    Miok Park

    10:40 ~ 11:20

    Nakwoo Kim

    10:50 ~ 11:20

    Chan Park

    Victor Jahnke

    11:20 ~ 11:30


    11:20 ~ 11:30



    11:30 ~ 12:30

    David Kubiznak

    11:30 ~ 12:30

    Naritaka Oshita

    Norihiro Iizuka

    12:30 ~ 14:00


    12:30 ~ 14:00



    14:00 ~ 15:00 

    Yuya Kusuki

    14:00 ~ 14:40 

    Kanghoon Lee

    Wonwoo Lee

    15:00 ~ 15:20 


    14:40 ~ 14:50 



    15:20 ~ 16:20 

    Yuya Kusuki

    14:50 ~ 15:30 

    Jeong-Hyuck Park

    Seokcheon Lee

    16:20 ~ 16:40 

    coffee break(20)

    15:30 ~ 15:50 

    coffee break(20)

    coffee break(20)

    16:40 ~ 17:20 

    Jae-Hyuk Oh

    15:50 ~ 16:50 

    Junggi Yoon

    Jaiyul Yoo

    17:20 ~ 17:30 


    16:50 ~ 17:00 



    17:30 ~ 18:10 

    Wontae Kim

    17:00 ~ 18:00 

    Gabor Sarosi

    Masahide Yamaguchi



    18:00 ~ 


    Closing Remarks

    *Seoul time

       Nov. 18 (Wed) 

    morning session1: (Chair: Yoonbai Kim)
    Gary Shiu (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    "Quantum Gravity and the Swampland

    morning session2: (Chair: Miok Park)
    Nakwoo Kim (Kyung Hee U)
    "An explicit construction of dS spacetime in string theory

    David Kubiznak (PI) 
    "Lower-dimensional Gauss-Bonnet gravity: Theory and solutions"

    afternoon session1: (Chair: Kyung Kiu Kim)
    Yuya Kusuki (YITP) "Codimension two holography for wedges"

    afternoon session2: (Chair: Chanyong Park)
    Jae-Hyuk Oh (Hangyang U) 
    "4-point function from conformally coupled scalar in AdS_6

    Wontae Kim (Sogang U)
    "Thermal radiation of de Sitter space in the semiclassical JT model"

    Nov. 19(Thu)  

    morning session1: (Chair: Yun Soo Myung)

    Rong-Gen Cai (ITP, CAS)   

    "No inner horizon for black holes with charged scalar hairs" 

    morning session2: (Chair: Jaeweon Lee)

    Young-Hwan Hyun (KISTI) 

    "The EOB model for black hole scattering and its numerical analysis

    Chan Park (NIMS) 

    "Observation of Gravitational Waves by Light Polarization" 

    Naritaka Oshita (PI) 

    "Cosmological consequences of quantum black holes

    afternoon session1: (Chair: Sang-Heon Yi)

    Kanghoon Lee (APCTP) 

    "The Classical Double Copy for M-theory from a Kerr-Schild Ansatz for Exceptional Field Theory

    Jeong-Hyuck Park (Sogang U) 

    "String Theory and non-Riemannian Geometry

    afternoon session2: (Chair: Jae-Hyuk Oh)

    Junggi Yoon (KIAS)

    "Unitarity of Entanglement and Islands in Two-Sided Janus Black Holes"

    Gabor Sarosi (CERN) 

    "Geometric secret sharing in a model of Hawking radiation"

    Nov. 20(Fri)  

    morning session1: (Chair: Gungwon Kang)

    Donghui Jeong (Penn State U) 

    "Two science cases with the CMB B-mode polarization: Hubble tension and LQC prediction" 

    morning session2: (Chair: Hyun Seok Yang)

    Miok Park (KIAS) 

    "Two faces of thermodynamics of dyonic Taub-NUT-AdS spacetime

    Viktor Jahnke (GIST) 

    "Holographic teleportation protocol in higher dimensions" 

    Norihiro Iizuka (Osaka U) 

    "Islands and the Page curve in asymptotically flat spacetime black holes"

    afternoon session1: (Chair: Mu-In Park) 

    Wonwoo Lee (Sogang U) 

    "Shadow cast by a rotating black hole

    Seokcheon Lee (Sungkyunkwan U) 

    "Cosmology with minimally extended varying speed of light (meVSL)"

    afternoon session2: (Chair: Wontae Kim) 

    Jaiyul Yoo (University of Zurich)  

    "Are we ready for precision cosmology?  

    Relativistic effects on measurements of the primordial non-Gaussianity"

    Masahide Yamaguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)     

    "Cosmological Perturbations in Palatini Formalism